What is the most brutal, painful and violent way to die?

Answer by Rory Young:

The Brutal Reality That No One Wants To Face… Welcome to my world…

There are many horriffic ways to die. However, few are so common as what you will see in the following pictures.

I took the first series of shots last week whilst on an area reconnaisance patrol in one of Malawi's National Parks. It shows a ranger triggering a large home-made gin trap. One of the men under my command just missed stepping on it as he was focused on flank security for the tracker nearby.

The tracker amazingly spotted it from behind and to the right from a distance. Tracker-scouts are trained not to walk on game trails for this reason, as well as to not leave signs of their presence for poachers to see. The picture below that shows what one of these traps did to a baby elephant.

You can see in the above picture how well concealed these terrible devices are.

In this picture the ranger pushes on the trap with a stick.

In the above shot the trap is triggered. Look at the size of it compared to the rangers ankle/leg.

Now look at what one of these sick machines did to this poor creature. It survived for days in agony with sepsis streaming through its system before a vet saw him and after trying to see what could be done, asked a friend of mine mercifully put him out of his misery.

These horrible contraptions are equally a threat to the rangers. Some are deliberately intended for elephants. They are huge and chained to large leadwood trees. Stepping on them will simply remove your leg at the knee. The smaller one such as that in the picture will destroy the bones in your leg. We have no helicoptors waiting to swoop in an pick us up and these areas are inaccessible to vehicles. The only way to get a wounded man out is by carrying out through swampy ground and then boat. At least a day.

I am lucky, I at least have insurance, thanks to Chengeta Wildlife. Most of the rangers don't. Being injured can also mean financial ruin for them and their families.

Here is another terrfying, slow and agonizingway to die.

A wire noose round your neck slowly strangling then loosening over and over until eventually it tightens enough to cause you a slow and painfull final strangulation.

These wire snares are not only good for strangulation though. Here are some more shots of lions dying from starvation because they are caught by wire or by infection or loss of blood.

Caught by the leg.

Caught round the chest.

Maybe these are really not painful, sickening or frightening enough. In which case there is having your horn hacked out of your face while you are still alive…
I guess I better stop there. Those who have complained I have been spammy in trying to gather support to stop this holocaust might be offended…

To those who have tried to spread the word or who have even just told someone else that there is a tragedy happenng or simply acknowledged it, thank you.  To the men and women I work with in the field and to those who struggle on our behalf to find the money, I love you all.

I am so, so tired right now of seeing scenes like this in real life.


What is the most brutal, painful and violent way to die?

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