How many teeth does a hippo have?

Answer by Rory Young:

Common Hippopotamus:
Young hippos have thirty two milk teeth including three incisors, one canine, four premolars on each half of the jaw on both sides.

Hippo skull

Adult hippos have thirty six teeth including two incisors, one canine, three premolars and three molars on each half of the jaw on both sides.

However! Adult hippos can retain some of their milk teeth for some years after developing their adult teeth meaning some hippos can have as many as fourty teeth for a few years.

The largest teeth are commonly referred to as tusks. These are the canines.

The front incisors are commonly referred to as fighting tusks as they are primarily responsible for inflicting wounds during fights.

Male Hippos Fighting

I have found a number of dead males killed during fighting over the years. In every case the dead animal had been bitten through the spine. Interestingly this is also the way male lions tend to kill each other when fighting (The mane protests male lion’s necks).

The Pygmy Hippopotamus
Young  Pygmy hippos  have the same configuration of milk teeth as common hippos, consisting of 32 teeth.
There are 3 incisors, 1 canine and 4 premolars in each half jaw. Canines of an adult pygmy are huge and can cause serious injurie

Adult pygmy hippos only have 34 teeth, so 2 less than in the common hippo.
These are  2 incisors, 1 canine,3 premolars and 3 molars in each half of upper jaw, 1 incisor, 1 canine, 3 premolars and 3 molars in each half of lower jaw on both sides.…

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