Will Ebola become an epidemic? Is it the start of the end of the world?

This most definitely is the end of the world!

Answer by Rory Young:

This most definitely is the end of the world!

And now I will clarify that. It is the end of the world for the families and communities being devastated by this horrifying disease in West Africa. It could also destroy many more communities. Many of the comparisons being made to other diseases are unrealistic in that they are not taking into account the fact that the disease has not stopped spreading and communities and individuals have not made a habit of the necessary preventative practices necessary to stem the tide.

This dreadful scourge also has the potential, unless the world wakes up, to devastate vaste areas of Africa and beyond, not only killing, but causing economic and social turmoil. Whilst unreasonable and misinformed panic is a danger, so too is complacency. On the one hand, flights to the affected region should not be stopped, as this could prevent health workers and other important personnel from getting there to help. On the other hand, it would seem the world is not panicking enough as there is not enough money being pledge or given to help do what must be done to stop it.

I am stunned at how many people are only interested in whether or not it will be a threat to their own country or region and only judge the danger on its likely impact on their own communities. Instead they should imagine how badly it hit if it were to spread, God forbid, to somewhere like the Central African Republic or one of the many other poor conflict zones.

Lastly, the comparisons to malaria and other diseases wiping out Africans would be much more understandable if the world actually cared about the ravages of those other diseases. Sadly, the efforts to deal with those too are underfunded and understaffed.

What a cynical bunch we six billion are..

Will Ebola become an epidemic? Is it the start of the end of the world?

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