How does laughter unite people together?

Answer by Rory Young:

Your women are so ugly that even your goats refuse to be seen with them..

Believe it or not such comments are an ancient and crucial means of maintaining peacebetween certain tribes in Central Africa.

It is called joking kinship. Basically two tribes were at war and decided enough was enough. A truce was declared and the different chiefs/kings agreed to become "cousins" or allies.

Kinship is declared and from that day forward by both tribes.They will now strictly adhere to all rules for treating members of their own tribe when dealing with their new "kin", except for one important difference. They are permitted to and even expected and encouraged to make fun of each other at every opportunity.

African chiefs are wise enough to know that two different
cultures cannot live in perfect harmony and they therefore give their people a vent for all the little things that will cause annoyance and disgust.

Facebook has allowed Joking Kinship to reach new heights. One of the most popular pages in Zambia is Facebook where Lozis from Western Zambia and Tongas from Southern Zambia are able to let rip at each other in hilarious attacks – which can at times be shocking for outsiders.

Here are a couple of examples:


Saturday morning and Mrs Hamankwamu is already
dressed for her friend's Kitchen party in Banakaila.


Application for employment from a typical cheeky Barotse (Lozi).

Perhaps the rest of the world could learn a thing or two about keeping the peace between different ethnic groups from the tribes of Central Africa..

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