What is the sexiest thing about your job?

Answer by Rory Young:

It's really hard to say..

It's not always very busy at the office, in fact it can be quite peaceful at times..

Sometimes it's  dead quiet. Literally..

At other times it's absolutely packed, a real jungle..

The ablution facilities are a bit basic to say the least..

Even hazardous to one's health some would say..

We do have some nice plants around the place though..

As for the office cat, not very sociable to say the least. I hardly catch a glimpse of him..

And the office lounge is not helluva comfy.

I get very little privacy. The bosses are always bothering me, looking down from on high, ready to crap on me..

Peeping round corners to check up..

Constantly looking over my shoulder..

Typical corporate types you know, always trying to get to the top, no matter how unseemly it appears..

When my colleagues and I meet them it's very often an "us and them" state of affairs..

Still, at the end of the day..

As to what is sexiest? Well, as far as these guys are concerned..


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